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Behold the Man of Very G.A.Y. Girth

The Gorgeous George Show.

Learn about Gorgeous George and his fantastic failure of a life

About George

Main article: George Yarid

George's typical reaction whenever he gets critiqued, trolled, pranked, etc.

George Alexander Yarid, aka Gorgeous George, G.A.Y. (born July 16, 1968), is 52 and lives in a Minivan owned by a Finance Company. George used to live in a Tri-level house usurped from his mother.GAY is a failed public access TV host from Richmond, Virginia.

Best known for his body weight, skunk hair, lack of talent and endless years of being trolled on the internet by The Goons. Over the years George has revealed more and more about his pathetic life through hours of YouTube Tirades and endless phone calls recorded by The Goons, His Friends and People that Just call him up for shit!

He is also writing a book about his life, which is hilarious because we've all seen that he can't string a grammatically correct sentence together.Ja

You can learn all about George and the trials and tribulations of his life below - Each Saga contains it's own unique set of characters, phone calls , images and Lulz


George is a fat, ugly, ill-dressed piece of shit, who thinks that he's attractive to women, despite the fact that he's had to pay for sex his entire life. It's only because he's so stupid that he thinks he's attractive. Experts believe that he raped Jamie Whalen out of a desire to have sex for free, something he had never done previously.

His Lineage, His Roots, His Connection to his Father

George Yarid Senior

For the longest time George has professed that his father was a "Brilliant Man, He Was a Chemist", sadly it appears that GAY sr Lied to GG all along and was actually a Janitor at the American Tobacco Company.


Ameen Yarid was a documented HypnoRapist, he took a young woman away and tried to marry her, the family and the girl maintained that Ameen tried to hypnotize her and force her into marriage.

He also sold rugs, rugs which his delinquent man baby Grandchild would come to let dogs shit on.

The Dog Shooting of 1307

George Sr shot a dog because it took a crap on his front yard. With a small sense of irony, George himself would treat animals poorly, saying at one time "there is a bleeding animal up there'. After his eviction, it would been seen that there were numerous large stains in the wood flooring of every room of the house. Just like his Dad he has admitted in an spring 2020 show of running over three rodents and one of them being a cat. George completely lacks empathy for animals and put cats in the same pecking order as rats.


George Yarid Sr was divorced 4 times, after deserting each wife.

Abandonment of George

Testament to just how much of a pig both George Senior and Junior were, his own mother could not stick him and left them both when George was five. Leaving George to be raised by his dog shooting adulterer father who never called him anything but "Boy". Due to his father being a janitor George was left in front of the TV as a child and had little to no interaction with other humans.

Lack of Talent

"I am what's causin' all this" according to GG

Even though George has claimed for many years that he is gods gift to entertainment, the sad truth is he is the most untalented person on Earth. George has had no formal improv training, comedic sketch writing, acting, singing, producing, etc. George claims he went to college but he dropped out before completing his first semester.

A public figure?

Being stupid, George seems to believe that he can't be considered a "public figure" unless he makes a lot of money. This is because he's too retarded to type the phrase "public figure" into Google or any other search engine. Were he to do so, he'd quickly see that a person with a television show is considered a public figure by any standard, but, alas, George is a stupid cocksucker with zero education, so we've come to expect the worst from him.

The court verdict from lolsuit 2016 ruled that George is a public figure. It's the one thing that George has succeeded in during his life. Ironically, he does not now wish to be known as a public figure.


In 2018 rumours started to circulate regarding George and a woman that he had assaulted, it was not until the intrepid investigators and the team at YaridWars really dug in did we discover the horrific truth about what George did.

Jamie Whalen

Jamie was a troubled woman, she suffered with Opioid addiction and sadly was arrested and charged for prostitution on several occasions, she worked at the iHop and was known by many men in Richmond.

Jamie Whalen

The Evidence

Jamie filed a police report about George abducting her at a shopping mall, She was granted a TRO but failed to turn up to court due to George harassing her and threatening her.

Jamie told her friends at iHop that she was raped by George, she also told George's closest female friend at the time Angela that George had sexually assaulted her.

The Coverup

George went catatonic when the news was released, him and Kristen attempted to cover the whole thing up with a string of lies and even went as far as to use a dead girls name to try and conceal Jamie's identity

The Denial

George struggles to understand that a woman has the right both lawfully and morally to object to sexual intercourse, he also fails to grasp that a woman has to be in a fit and proper state to grant consent, George raped Jamie while she was under the influence of Heroin and was unable to give consent.

The Religion

George claims to be a Christian, but to hear him talk, you'd think he'd never looked at a bible in his life, not even a children's bible. For starters, he was fifty-one years old when he learned that Jesus was a Jew. No one seems to know what he thought Jesus's nationality was prior to this, but all indications are that he believed Jesus was Italian, since the Catholic church is based in Rome(George seems to identify as a Catholic, although it's doubtful that he understands the differences between the Christian denominations, or even what a denomination is in the first place).

The traditional virtues extolled by Christianity, ideals such as chastity, charity, humility, forgiveness, etc., are total anathema to George, who's life revolves around lust, greed, over-the-top pride, and, of course, anger/vengeance. George has also compared himself to God on several occasions, so apparently the idea of blasphemy dosen't bother him either. He not only commits the traditional seven deadly sins(lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride) on a regular basis, but actually seems to LIVE by them, as if they were virtues. On top of all this, George seems to hold a lot of pagan beliefs, having endorsed magick and reincarnation on his show multiple times, and is also known to visit soothsayers for advice, which is very explicitly forbidden in the bible.

One may ask at this point, why would George try to identify as a Christian at all, when he's clearly not a Christian in any sense of the word? Experts are divided, but most tend to believe that George's faux religiosity is chiefly a byproduct of his low intellect and lack of education. Modern scientific concepts relating to cosmology, the origin of life, etc., would never be able to penetrate George's feeble brain. Others emphasize George's need to believe that "everything happens for a reason", and that a higher power will bail him out when he gets into trouble. The truth is probably somewhere in between, but one thing is certain; George behaves more like a Satanist than a Christian.

The Secret

George is a man of many secrets. He to this day tries to put on this facade that he is famous and affluent even though he doesn't have his public access show any more and he's homeless.

Even though George for years has claimed he is a ladies man it was proven after he was kicked out of his house and a tour was given that there were pamphlets for strip clubs all over the place. I mean that's what ladies men do is go to strip clubs when they get plenty of pussy already, amirite?

In addition to this George has claimed for years that he is straight when there is plenty of evidence to the fact that he is bi. The only thing George has ever admitted to was going to DJ at Fielden's however he used to frequent gay bars especially during trannie night. It was also rumored that he used to regularly attend gloryholes as the sucker as oppose to the suckee.

As previously stated George likes to pass himself off as an affluent man with some fame. He especially does this to poor unsuspecting women hoping he'd take them home (when he used to have that trash heap). Sara Metz reported that George would try to impress her by taking them to restaurants with banquet rooms or V.I.P. areas. After this he manipulated her to go see the house and was horrified by the hoarders level of filth.

George would also try to impress people by buying expensive vehicles like Mercedes, going on trips, going to strip clubs, etc. all with his fathers inheritance. A practice which is said that George still does to this day.


Exhibit "A" in George dressing in clothes that are too tight.

Even though George claims he is "G.Q." he dresses like a thrift store flamer with no color coordination. He always wears wrinkled clothes and his idea of attracting a hot date (especially guys) is wearing a suit jacket and dress pants with a Nike shirt underneath. His clothes are typically ill fitting as he never buys fashion for fat people because George is self-loathing. George to this day thinks his "style" makes all the girls wet.

One of his favorite fashion trends happened early 2020 which George hopes will catch on strutting down with a lavender T-shirt, a black pair of work out shorts, diabetic socks and beat up tennis shoes. To complete his look he had a huge grimace on his face and held a sand wedge just to give that I'll beat the holly shit out of you motif.

How bout dem cowboys

George is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys because he never likes to win at anything. The Cowboys have distanced themselves from him as they have not won the Super Bowl since 1996. If you want to make George rage talk about how they'll lose next season.

He is such a fanboy that he spent what little of his inheritance he had to go to Dallas to watch a game. The problem was instead buying his tickets in advance or at the gate he bought them at the scalper and they turned out to be fake.

George has also spent hundreds of dollars on their cheaply made in China fanboy crap.

The Language of George

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Main article: The Language of George

As is common with autistic and mentally challenged people(especially children), George's inability to pronounce words correctly has resulted in his having something like his own language. Words, expressions, and common phrases are badly mangled and used incorrectly, causing George to come off in conversation as a total retard, one who really should just keep their fucking mouth shut. This is made worse by his cocky and arrogant attitude, which results from George's incorrect belief that he's intelligent, well educated, and well spoken. George habitually treats people who are much more educated and intelligent than him as if THEY were stupid, which just makes him look so much worse. A sane society would remove his vocal cords, and never allow him to express himself in any way.

The Doxx

George's former residence and childhood home

Until his father's 100th birthday(August 31, 2018), George was living in the banks house at

1307 Stoneycreek Drive
Richmond, VA 2328

He now resides in a finance company's minivan, which has been spotted in various parking lots in the Richmond area, often parked overnight for days at a time. George has admitted to living in this minivan, but still claims not to be homeless, because of how stupid he is. You can e-mail george at:

You can call George at: 804-836-0020

The Show's Origins

Main article: The Gorgeous George Show

Team GG

Former Members of Team GG

The Goons

I Will Murder you

Because he's a stupid, powerless, lazy, ineffectual shitbag, George usually responds to challenges by making empty threats, which typically revolve around petty things like legal action, but can sometimes turn dark. In a recorded phone call between George and de facto Goon leader Marty McFly, which took place on November 5, 2017, the fat retard, unable to contain his impotent rage at being challenged by a superior, threatened to murder Mr. McFly. In typical GG fashion, the threat was quickly downgraded from murder to a beating, before George inevitably fell back on his old standard, threats of legal action. The contents of this call have become legendary for their comedic value, and are endlessly quoted. I will murder you! has become a sort of Goon rallying cry, reminding us all that it's always time to laugh at George's empty threats.

The LOLsuits

The Sagas