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Sux series

George's Delusions in Full Glory.

The sux series started all the way back in the early 2000's in the Something Awful forums by xdrquinn and many other users. Because of George's incompetence not just as a entertainer but as a human being in general his videos became viral. The sux series distilled George down to his bare essence which was the fact that he lacks a sense of humor.

With the advent of video sharing sites his videos became a huge sensation on sites like Metacafe.

When a new site emerged in 2005 called YouTube started his infamy grew by the day and were at one point featured as YouTube's video of the day when they had that feature. The sux videos had more than a million views a piece. George had multiple accounts trying to battle it out with the trolls even posing as a girl that was trying to say what a good lover he was and how big his raging two inches was.

George monitored these daily and around 2009 was when he manipulated YouTube's flagging feature and claimed every video (even v-logs talking about him) as his under copyright. For a while he did this until Shon came along and started to talk about fair use then reupload his videos.

It wasn't until February 15, 2016 when Shon had his last laugh when he uploaded Gorgeous George Sux The Movie. It was all of the original sux videos along with some bonuses that weren't featured before. Shon had been sued by GG three times at that point and sued him again that year for copyright as well which he failed (as does anything else George does in his life). There has been 4 installments of the movie with a new one coming in 2020.

Yarid Wars

Yarid Wars came to prominence after Shon went M.I.A. and brought tons of lulz and even more rage by George.

The many YouTube accounts of George Yarid.