The Start

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George has always been fucked with by someone in his life. He was bullied all though out school. In high school he tried out for the wrestling team in which he was promptly rejected. Instead of taking the hint George regularly attended practice. Getting annoyed by this the team did something that really butthurt George. The team got the best player to go head to head with GG in which he was immediately pinned on the mat. That was when one of the teammates pulled down his pants and tea bagged George.

When he was doing Takeout Taxi in the '90s his coworkers would frequently give him wrong directions just to him rage about it.

The Public Access Days (Pre-Something Awful)

George was pranked day one when a station manager said that all public access shows had to take calls as a requirement for the medium. Initially it was teens and adults would just call and even back then people knew how funny this was as 1) George's comebacks were always nonsensical in the most lulzy ways you can imagine (including his patented GGisms) 2) His rage also gave the masses the laughs as he would also take it personally whenever you called him gay or fat (and we all know George is fat and gay).

Even in the early days about 90% of the callers that went through were prankers.

VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University)

a collective of students (believed to be a fraternity) got together and frequently phone mobbed the show. For several seasons of the GG show it used to be nothing but them. GG even referenced them in one of the sux videos (as "VCU retards") as he thought one of the phone mobbings was them but it turned out to be S.A.

It is still unknown as to when they started or ended their involvement but it was believed to have ended in 2004 which was when a student brought up George's show in the Something Awful Forums and the rest they say is history.