The Prank Calls

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Public Access Era

During the days of his public access show George used to give his home phone number as a way of joining Gorgeous George's fan club and this was before he was forced to take calls live on the air he's get pranked. Once the station manager made him his shows were almost exclusively prank callers. Usually calling him fat & gay (especially during the Something Awful era). What made these calls hilarious were not necessarily his reactions because he was always pissed when they happened rather it was his nonsensical comebacks. For example if called called gay George might say something about how your Mom is "prunlicious" (insert random GGism here), you have a overbite, etc. Comebacks that only are effective if George knew what everyone who called him looked like but as we already know about him is if one thing George isn't it's intelligent. As a matter he's about as smart as lemmings going for a dive.

Because of his reactions he still gets pranked to this day. Trolls wanting dem sweet LOLcow milk.

Getting into GG's Real World

This has happened since the beginning of his bombardment of prank calls. People would order pizzas to his house as well as escorts to the infamous Craigslist ad someone made where they sent random G.A.Y. men to his house because they thought there was a sex party.

People would call directly frequently. It started all the way back when he gave his parents home phone number during his fan club phase. Unfortunately none of these calls were preserved as well as many of the ones from the Something Awful era when they did it (with exception being his public access show).

When the Goons were established (many being SA members) they used to record themselves fucking with George and leaving messages on his answering machine. When they did get him he raged like a bull with steam coming out of his ass.