The Language of George

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Below is a partial list of words and expressions which are regularly mangled by George. A complete list would need an entire wiki all to itself. George is mentally retarded.

Continunity - Con-dinoon-diddy

Regis Mistake - An Egregious Mistake(see "regis era")

Pre-tell - "Pray tell"

Sussudio - Pseudo

Kimiss - Chemist(see "janitor")

Shorthand - The practice of sloppily hand-writing anything.

Lamboosko/Lambisko - The exact meaning of this word has yet to be ascertained.

Cabannis - Cannabis(see "marijuanza")

Break the ocean - To part the sea, like Moses in the old testament, a reference to Exodus 14:21.

Blow Joe/Blowjar - George's variant of "Joe Blow", an old expression denoting a random person on the street.

Regis era - See "regis mistake"

Diagram - Any kind of anecdotal evidence, especially when presented to a judge.

Buddon - Button

Thread - Threat

Low - Though

Voice generator/Voice synthesizer - A fictitious device hypothesized by George to explain away people he wishes didn't exist. Has also been used to explain compromising audio recordings of George himself. probably inspired by Wes Craven's 1996 horror film "Scream".

Marijuanza - Marijuana(see "Cabannis")

Some-skull - Numbskull

Nimwit - Dimwit

Sweet/nice girl - A woman with an extensive criminal record, usually including prostitution and drug offenses. Can also refer to a woman who is a compulsive liar.

Christian - A person who commits all seven deadly sins as frequently as possible, dosen't read the bible, and dosen't go to church.

Re-carnation - Reincarnation

Spirshualliddy - Spirituality

Low-cow - A lolcow

Crawlogees -Chronologically

George thinks that "carnal knowledge" just means knowledge

Unchange - Undress