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Spinning Star Kick


According to the fat man (and considering what a compulsive liar GG is take it with a grain of salt) he started the show after he saw a white supremacist (August Moon) and said to Magic Matt Tatum The Child Molester, "You know what? If these people can be on TV so can we; at least we can be funnier." So he went to the public access and signed on. He still brags on to this very day that his show has been on for decades but since it is open to anyone who signs on that number is completely worthless.

Typical Show

The show has no preparation. No rehearsal, no sketch writing, no run through, etc. The problem is George considers himself the king of comedy and entertainment but is the lowest rung of entertainment. Your average YouTube video has high production values than his.

A typical show is usually started off with an "improvised" skit which usually consists of George (or other show victims) Party City masks or is he is butthurt by a troll he'll print a black & white mask and rage. He also bitches about various things going on in his life. For example he has a huge boner for Bill Clinton (and democrats in general) and was pissed when she didn't get elected in 2016. He also has bitched about The Dallas Cowboys, feminists, people who are not GG's friends anymore (usually because they associated with the trolls) and of course the trolls themselves. There have been several episodes in particular where he just whined about them.

GG's Internet Infamy

This all started when the program manager of the station told George that since it was public access that by law they have to do calls for a certain period of time. Of course 90% of his calls at the time were pranks specifically calling him fat, gay, poorly dressed, had no hygiene, etc. Seeing his butthurt nonsensical responses it should be of no surprise that students at VCU started to regularly fuck with him. Then Something Awful got in on it in the early 2000's. When the mods forced people to stop talking about him (usually by closing the thread) a the small band of people called The Goons frequently pranked him. In addition to them other people have done it.

The Gorgeous George Show website

What George's website used to look like

His website was a desperate attempt to both get his true fans to speak him and his delusions of grandeur hoping a major network would give him a show. Also it came off more as a blog than a website as he would lament about events going on in his life especially a gal named sue who pawned his wedding ring for meth.

His website was filled with all sorts of bullshit including how his website had 2,000,000 hits a year, was going to be in a soap opera, also was going to get his own show on UPN.

The last time he updated his website was in 2009.

Since he essentially abandoned it; it now belongs to this wiki.