The Goons

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The Goons

A loyal bunch of lurkers and trolls who according to George rub dongs together. Established in the mid to late 2000's after Something Awful forum moderators got a stick up their ass for some reason and wanted members to stop talking about George. while there have been people who unofficially lead the goons there is no said chain of hierarchy which has always pissed George off as he has no idea who to sue.

Some of the original members include Nam, Josh and a few others. There were about 20 members in the beginning and that has soared past 2,000 especially with the advent of Yarid Wars and a recent video by DankNet about GG which currently has more than 50k views.

Unofficial Goon Leaders

Nam (2007?-2011)


Nam for a while made a ton of videos about George (mainly V-logs). George's only comeback to Nam for the longest time was he was fat and out of shape even though Nam showed in several videos he could bench press more than 500 lbs. In 2009 he organized the goons to prank call GG's Xmas radio show which was a milestone in goon history as George's comebacks were as weak and nonsensical as ever.

Nam stopped being active in the early 2010's when Shon became #1 on GG's shit list. Since then he has lead a normal life which goes against all the beliefs George has about the goons which is they have no lives of their own.

He has been sued once by George for copyright and lost because he wrote his legal documents on McDonald's napkins.

Shon (2011-2017)


Shon first came on to the seen as lurker in 2006 around the time when GG's videos were becoming a viral phenomenon. When they were being false flagged off the internet in 2009 he had an idea and that was to make a video called "Why GG Sux" (to go along with the GG Sux series). George was immediately buttmad trying to dox him (he also false flagged said videos). He even stooped as low as trying to call his parents. Shon introduced YouTube as well Gorgeous George to his Mom and Dad about a year prior to the fat one calling them. When they did his parents made up a bunch of shit (e.g. trolling) by claiming he still lived there and would frequently beat the shit out of them. George being a narcissistic sociopath made a tirade about this and the trolls knowing it was full of shit laughed their asses of. To this day George believes anything negative said about Shon is true. Recently he was told by a troll that he lives in an old folks home and George bought it even though he didn't think it through logically, as no one under the age of 60 lives in those and Shon is 43.

Shon has been sued most by George so far and all for copyright. In which he failed all times because according to George he knows the law better than lawyers, paralegals and judges who went to university to study it.

In 2015 Shon formulated both the way to stop George from false flagging videos and bringing back the originals by making the Gorgeous George Sux movies. This was when the cases of all cases was brought against him and of course George lost that case as well. There have been a total of four sux movies so far with a fifth one being made this year.

Shon stopped being an active troll from 2017 until late 2019. When Shon left Marty took the reins an easily has been the best troll thus far. While Shon still makes videos Marty has the best dirt on GG.

Marty McFly (2017-present)


Has easily been the most effective troll thus far. Exposing George for many things including the fact that his father was a janitor and not a chemist as George claimed, etc. He has created Yarid Wars on YouTube and has hundreds of subs and many more on his FB page and discord. He also has GoFundMe in which you get exclusive GG info that the fat doesn't want you to know.

He has also exposed George as being a rapist and was also responsible for Jamie's suicide.

Being ex-military Carl has easy access to all of George's personal info which has enraged him. George claim he'll sue him and get him extradited from South Africa which is fucking hilarious as their are no extraditions treaties with the United States and they don't extradite people for civil suits.