The Court Case of all Cases

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George Alexander Yarid(G.A.Y) has long been known as a person who "can dish it out, but can't take it". Since it's inception in the mid 1990s, Yarid has frequently used "The Gorgeous George show" as a platform to insult, provoke, and, at times, outright defame people who have annoyed him in various ways. On a 2014 episode of TGGS, he went so far as to accuse noted Goon Shon Brennan of molesting children, stating it as a fact, despite having no evidence of this. In the early days of TGGS, Yarid would often tell his(admittedly tiny) audience that he was there to provoke, and to "create mayhem to all", once exclaiming that "to piss you off is my purpose!", before launching into a deranged tirade about "drag queens" and "feminist bitches".

For all his provocative behavior towards others, Yarid himself has proven to be very sensitive when similar taunts and insults are directed at him, becoming upset very quickly if he is criticized or even questioned in any way. Despite setting himself up from the beginning as a kind of "shock jock", who was there to do battle with his "detractors", George has consistently failed to live up to this image, fleeing from one challenge after another, refusing even to allow comments on his Youtube channel. When George did engage irreverent or hostile callers on his "show", he would invariably make a fool of himself, struggling to blurt out even the weakest and cheapest grade school-tier insults, flopping around like a dying fish as he grew more and more frustrated, often making laughable empty threats. In one typical exchange, a person called into TGGS to say "we prank call your home", to which George replied "you can prank call your own home". This exemplifies the kind of losing behavior that George exhibits in a conflict, and may go some way toward explaining why he loses every single fight he's drawn in to. One source close to George compared him to "a dog that bites you from behind, runs away, and then takes a shit on the sidewalk".

As the years passed, and he found himself being ridiculed by a growing community as his legend spilled onto the internet, George decided that it would be a good idea to take legal action against his "detractors", and went on to file eight(8!)very frivolous lawsuits between 2009 and 2015. There were several problems with this idea, from the very beginning. Chief among these is George's failure to understand that, as a public figure, he is open to criticism and ridicule of all kinds, that the public has a right to ridicule him, and that this is just a fact of life for any "entertainer". Another problem is George's laziness and poor research habits; he's shown us again and again that he can't be bothered to spend five minutes on the internet learning the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, how to present evidence properly, WHAT constitutes "evidence", or anything of the kind(one lawsuit named video game character "Jean Jack Gibson" as a defendant). All of this is compounded by George's profound lack of education. If he's reading this article, you can be sure that he's struggling to read it. Unsurprisingly, all eight of the above mentioned lawsuits were dismissed, either by United States District Judges Hanna Lauck or James R. Spencer. When George filed his ninth lawsuit, in 2016, something new happened. The case went before United States District Judge Morris A. Gibney, who apparently decided that enough was enough, and some months later agreed to let the case go forward. As soon as this happened, George made a disgusting video bragging about his "victory", playing Queen's "We are the champions" and beating his chest like a Gorilla.