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Sara Metz is an entertainer who had the unfortunate chance of meeting George as all she wanted to do was learn about how various TV shows worked including public access. Considering how little work there is she was probably disappointed.

Sara spilled her guts to the goons and she revealed in the late 2000's he was still stalking Sue. I guess meth pussy is best pussy because he tried hard spending that mortgage money to track her. She also disclosed that his house was infested with fat greasy take away and shame. Also as expected was clinging as a mother fucker to Sara. Trying desperately to get anywhere near her pubes. George being a controlling freak wanted her to go dinner at an expensive restaurant in an private room with his shitty friends. George made it perfectly clear that she could NOT say that they were friends. Of course having a modicum of self-respect she flat out said they were platonic which enraged George. She then stormed out of there, pussywhipping George in the processing. Of course George whimpered to her that he was sorry (which we all know he wasn't). Finally she told him to fuck off to which George emolly emoted, "Why?!". George instead of being an grown up about the situation started to send hate mail after she posted an personal ad in an newspaper calling her old and fat. She then revealed George was an only child and was spoiled rotten (huge shocker I know). She then said that George was not introduced to computers until the late 2000's mostly due to all the YouTube videos being uploaded and George desperately needed a way to fight back. According to Sara, Kevin never introduces his girlfriends to George because of how lazy and clinging he is.

On Christmas Eve 2009 George did a vindictive skit involving sara using a soundboard that he kept screwing up because as Sara mentioned George does not know how to operate computers


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