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Totally the look of a sane person.

Brenda is easily as insane as George and used to be close butt buddies however fairly recently George raged and doesn't want anything to do with her again (probably because of a critique he didn't like knowing George). For a while she would actively white knight George however her videos were just as badly produced as George if not worse...maybe it was because she did it in Windows Movie Maker. Also she would use gifs or clip art which made them look even more dated for the time. Even by early YouTube standards. Also she would never edit the titles of her movies before she rendered them so she has titles like BRENDA TALKS ABOUT BEING A PSYCHIC_0001.wmv, DANOSONGS WHAT YOU THINK_0001.wmv, GG IS PROTECTED_0001.wmv, GORGEOUS GEORGE RULES_0001.wmv, etc.

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Brenda was a profession psychic and guess what? None of her predictions were ever true. She makes Sylvia Browne look like Nostradamus.

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These are easily the most hilarious videos of anyone ever defending George because GG is associated with Metal, head banging, etc. The antithesis of what the GG show is all about.

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