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This is what butthurt looks like

Matt Wilson is what happens when you cross a limey with Rain Man. Originally a Goon he got butthurt when people like Nam and Dani blocked him on facebook. He tried coming on to Dani but was friendzoned.

"Fuck Mike, he's a pussy. Nam is a nice guy and has a passion for hating GG-whats not to like about the guy? I just don't get why he blocked me. I'm not bothered, even though I mention it a lot but I don't get WHAT THE FUCK" (and yes that's the way he typed it. Typos galore.)

Obviously mad he started to report all the Goon activity to George as well as making horrific quality Windows Movie Maker videos (Even worst than Brenda Bradshaw). Shon seeing that Matt was buttmad started to troll him. He dug up a bunch a dirt including the following:

1)That he's an aspie (more proof that anyone who sides with GG is mentally ill).

2)Proud of the fact he rolled over an SUV.

3)Is in to scat.

4)Has only been laid once (probably because he's in to scat).

5)Lived at a government flat (apartment).

6)Worked a whole one day a work at "uni" (Probably trimming the hedges).

7)False flagged videos on George's behalf.

8)Would also DOX people for him.

9)A ton of other shit. (Don't want to make this as tl;dr as it is)

Matt also attempted to have cyber sex with Shon on Facebook however he was on to him as Matt changed his troll account location from Manchester (in the U.K.), To New York, Seattle then San Francisco. Shon also made a post indirectly hinting as to he only is in to alternative looking guys and the pic Matt used was a twink. Shon engaged in it for the lulz and like clockwork posted a video claiming victory.

In denial that Matt got pwned again, he kept making videos (Maybe saying it enough times will make it true) even posting a gay porn video saying that what Shon gets hard for (and once again a twink. The kind of guy Shon is not in to).

George tried inviting Matt to one of his radio shows however he stood him up. Probably because GG wasn't rubbing Matt's dong anymore.

Shon kept making videos about how Matt was butthurt and then Matt rage quit everything and hasn't been heard from since.

Matt is a proud member of the Aspie club

Some of the YouTube videos made about Matt Wilson