Henry Mitchell

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Henry is a Hells Angel, Private Investigator, and ladies man. Famed for his covert surveillance skills, Henry has provided hours of video footage of George. George wishes to fight Henry, but refuses to make it a fair (fist) fight, and always brings a weapon: golf club, police, Lysol can etc. because he is a coward. George knows he would get his ass kicked by Henry.

In one email exchange from 2019, Henry asked George to sign a "bitch waiver", in which George would promise not to involve the Police in any conflict between him and Henry. It was Henry's one condition. Unsurprisingly, George refused, and this wasn't the first time a goon declined to meet GG for this reason. George consistently refuses to understand that a man fights his own battles, while a bitch gets Police or women to defend them. George is a life long bitch.