1307 Stoneycreek Drive

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1307 Stoneycreek Drive (also known as 'the Banks' house, 'the house of horrors'') was George's childhood home that he was evicted from for defaulting on the mortgage for many years. As you expect there has been a ton of lulzy history that has happened on the property.


George witnessed many traumatic things during his childhood including his Dad shooting a dog for taking a shit on the lawn. He also went through four different Step-Mom's. Being an only child he was very socially awkward and never had any long term childhood friendships. It is said that George has endured other traumatic experiences through his father.

Georges' mental illness stretched as far as him keeping his fathers medicine cabinet untouched for over 50 years.


George lived there until he was evicted for defaulting on his mortgage. When he first did his public access show, he used to show video of various rooms trying to pass it off as his own house even though he lived with his Step-Mom (as in one video there was a tea service on top of a refrigerator with some dollies). When his Dad died he inherited the estate along with tens of thousands of dollars. Instead of spending it wisely and doing things he should have (like renovate the house) he spent on expensive crap like cars, clothes, trips, etc. to make it seem like he was wealthy. He went though the money in less than a few years.


Once again instead of managing his money properly and saving money on home upgrades he got four mortgages in which he continued his "wealthy" lifestyle. After the first mortgage George got a second to pay off the first and the third to pay off the other two and the fourth was for the same thing. In a last ditch effort to save his house he started to file LOLsuits in order to pay off said mortgages. In 2009 he thought he was talking to Psychic Brenda Bradshaw and it turned out to be a troll. In his message said he needed a windfall of dead presidents to pay it off. There is a direct correlation to when this message was sent and when his first LOLsuit started.


What kind of a pig lives in filth like this?
The disgusting state of the door and walls. If that's not a sign of mental illness, I don't know what is.

George was in the Bank's house house for years before he was given the boot. During this time he was living in squalor. His electricity and water were shut off at one point forcing George to defecate in buckets. When finally thrown out it was revealed that George lived like a hoarder. He kept his parents prescriptions long after they passed away, he had garbage all over the floor, kept dated objects like newspapers, his oven hadn't been cleaned his his step-Mom was alive & old garbage which should have been thrown away years ago. The garage was full of garbage, so much so that George did not notice the camera planted by a goon associate, to allow a 24/7 livestream of the filth.

1307 Stoneycreek Drive Sans GG

Since the removal of GAY, the house has been remodeled and actually looks like it can be lived in unlike the pig sty that was there before.